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Wedding Accessories For Every Bride & Your Bridesmaids

On the day of your wedding, you will feel your most beautiful and confident self.. While the wedding dress takes center stage, accessories play a big role in enhancing the overall bridal look and will add an extra touch of glam.

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Some essential accessories for your wedding day include your veil, jewelry, the perfect shoes, your perfume, and a clutch or small purse.

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Starr Lowe Events Wedding Planning

The veil is a traditional accessory that many brides choose to wear, they come in a variety of lengths and styles to complement your wedding dress. Whether you prefer a classic cathedral veil or a shorter style, this accessory will frame your face and add a classic look.

If a veil just isn't your style, consider adding hair accessories like an oversized bow or sparkling hairpins, a rhinestone hair comb, or a full headpiece for a playful touch to your hairstyle. If you really want to make a statement you can go with a crown, after all you are the queen of the day!

If you need shapewear, I recommend this SHAPERMINT boy short style, I wore this under my bridesmaid dress earlier this year for my best friends wedding. It was actually very comfortable and did its job well. And yes, I ordered my dress from Amazon and it was perfect, I am always looking for a good deal. You should also have some Fearless Tape on hand just in case, someone will likely need body tape. If your dress is backless, you can try this strapless sticky bra for push-up and hold, this may not last for many uses but the price is worth the one day of use that you will get.

If you are planning a fall or winter wedding you may want to consider a faux fur shawl wrap to keep you warm.

Starr Lowe Events Wedding Planning

I love these Cate & Chloe bridal sets, they are affordable but look like a thousand bucks. Elegant jewelry, such as a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet, can elevate your bridal look. These pieces add a touch of sparkle and glamour, enhancing your overall appearance. Some brides choose to wear heirloom jewelry to add sentimental value to their special day. You may also want to add a photo charm to your bouquet if you have a loved one that has passed away.

If you are wearing a necklace, use a small dot of clear eyelash glue to keep it in place. I do suggest that you try this before your wedding day to make sure that the glue does not irritate your skin, for most it will not because it is formulated for the eyes, but just in case!

Starr Lowe Events Wedding Planning

Comfortable and stylish shoes are a must. Bridal shoes should not only complement your wedding dress but also allow you to move with ease. Many brides opt for white or ivory heels, but some are even adding a pop of color for a fun twist.

There are a variety of insoles that you can purchase to make your heels a bit more comfortable, also make sure that you start wearing your shoes around the house a couple of months before wedding day to break them and make sure that they will not kill your feet.

The tradition of wearing a garter is a fun and playful way to add a touch of romance to your wedding attire. Brides often choose garters that reflect their personalities, and this accessory is usually reserved for the groom's eyes only.

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Starr Lowe Events Wedding Planning

You really do need a bridal clutch or purse, it serves a practical purpose by providing a place to keep your essentials like lipstick, tissues, and your phone. It can also be an accessory that complements your wedding gown and adds an extra touch of elegance. Here are a couple of clutches that I have seen at multiple weddings recently:

As you and your bridesmaids prepare for the big day, incorporating some fun accessories into the getting-ready process can make the day even more memorable. Consider these playful additions:

Toast to the day with these stemless champagne flutes , you can get personalized flutes from an Etsy shop that feature the wedding date or the bride and bridesmaids' names. It's a fun way to celebrate and add a special touch. You can also gift them personalized tumblers and then you don't have to worry about spills.

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Get matching robes or matching pajamas for you and your bridesmaids to wear. You can personalize them with names or titles like "Bride" and "Bridesmaids" or you can choose from a variety of floral prints that coordinate with your wedding colors, like my sweet bride, Ariel, chose for her bridesmaids. Matching robes not only make for cute photos but also create a sense of unity as everyone gets ready together. Don't forget a pair of cozy bride slippers or flip flops for you!

Tote bags with the bridal party's names or initials can be a useful and stylish way to carry everything for the day, from makeup to snacks. When I started my business, my very first bride, Diana, gifted me with this tote bag that has an "S" on it and I use it very often to carry wedding day essentials. This is a a sweet gift to give your bridesmaids at the Rehearsal Dinner, you can also fill them with other cute accessories.

Personalized hangers for the bridal party's dresses or robes add a unique touch to photos and create lasting memories. I love these hangers, they are so cute.

Starr Lowe Events Wedding Planning

Choosing the right wedding day accessories, whether for you, the bride, or for your bridesmaids, can make your day even more special and memorable, enhancing the beauty and creating a sense of togetherness among your wedding party. These details go a long way in adding a personal and fun touch to your wedding experience.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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