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Trending Guest Sign-In Alternatives

Wedding guest sign-ins have come a long way from the traditional guestbook. Couples today are getting more creative with their sign-in options, providing unique keepsakes and lasting memories to look back on. Your guests will also enjoy having a fun activity to participate in on your wedding day.

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These are some of the latest trending wedding guest sign-in options with everything listed that you will need, if you love it and must have it for your wedding!

Photo guest book sign-in alternative from a Starr Lowe Events wedding.
Photo by Courtney Elyse Photography

Photo Guest Book

My sweet bride, Caitlyn, found this desk at a thrift store and refinished it for her photo guest sign-in. For the past two wedding seasons I have seen this trendy “Photo Guest Book” make it’s way onto many guest sign-in tables! This is a unique and interactive way for your wedding guests to leave a special message and create lasting memories. Instead of a traditional guest book, which can often be overlooked, a photo guest book allows your guests to take a photo of themselves and attach it to a page in the book, along with a personalized message.

To create your photo guest book, start by purchasing a blank page guest book. Don’t get the traditional lined guest book, and make sure that it is a style that you want to display in your home. If you would like to order a personalized guest book that is also an option.

Next, choose your camera, I recommend the Instax Mini Camera but there are other brands to choose from. I always recommend that you have extra film! You will need to purchase enough film so that guests can “take one and leave one” – they will love that you allow them to take a memory from your wedding day home with them. I found this Instax Mini Film Value Pack that has 120 photos per box. You can decide to keep it simple or you can create a backdrop and have fun props for your guests to use.

Not only will a photo guest book serve as a special keepsake from your wedding day, but it will also provide entertainment for your guests and allow them to be a part of the celebration in a unique way. Plus, you'll have plenty of fun and candid photos to look back on for years to come.

Don’t forget the accessories - tape, stickers, pens, extra batteries, and pen holder. You will also need some sort of basket or tray to hold the extra film and supplies.

List of everything you'll need: Guest Book, Instax Camera, Lots of Film, Glue Tape Washi Tape or Photo Corners , Pens , Pen Holder , Extra Camera Batteries , Basket or Tray to hold everything.

Jenga & Uno Guest Sign-In

I have seen both of these sign-in alternatives at recent weddings. Guests write their messages on Jenga blocks or Uno Cards, creating a fun game the couple can play in the future while reminiscing on the guest messages from their wedding day. Make sure to have these fine tip paint pens and a cute box to put the cards into if you choose Uno. I have had couples who chose the non-traditional Memory Building Block Set and this one comes with a display box.

Thumbprint Tree Sign-In

I really like this creative sign-in alternative. One of my upcoming weddings is planning to have this and I am so excited! Guests leave their thumbprints on a Tree Canvas, creating a beautiful work of art the newlyweds can display in their home. Make sure to have a pack of wipes for guests to clean the paint off of their fingers, Check out these cute wipe dispensers to add to the sign-in table and this Ink Pad Stamp Kit that includes 20 multiple colors.

Guest sign-in for wedding day.

Globe Sign-In

Use a globe as your guest book and ask guests to sign their name and write a message on their favorite travel destination. This is such a cute idea and you will be able to display this in your home or office. You will need fine point paint pens for this one. Head over to Etsy and search Personalized Wedding Guest Book Globe. They are super cute!

Wedding Advice & Wishes Sign-In

This is one sign-in alternative that I see a lot of guests participate in, they love writing personalized note cards with advice and wishes to the bride and groom. Make sure that you have a cute box for guest to put them in afterwards. Don’t forget a cute pen holder and a container to hold the advice cards, especially if your sign-in table will be set-up outdoors. You cannot predict if your wedding day will be windy, having a box to display the cards in is so helpful on those days, I know from experience and it was no fun chasing advice cards that had been blown away in the wind. If you are having gold as an element of your wedding below are my choices for you to consider.

Gold & Glass Note Card Display Box this size is 8 x 4.5 x 2in

Gold & Glass Card Box this size is 10.2 x 5.9 x 7.9in

To add a little more detail to the sign-in table check out these Gold Geometric Votive Holders

Another option is one of these cute Jar Sets for Advice & Wishes and Date Night Ideas that come with the note cards. They are smaller cards than the ones that I shared previously.

Wedding guest sign-in table elements for wedding day.

Wine Bottle Sign-In

Have your guests sign your favorite bottle or two of wine, save it to be opened on your first anniversary to enjoy while reminiscing about your most special day. You just need your favorite wine, that you may already have on hand. You can also look on the wine company's website to see if there is a specialty design bottle that you can order for your wedding day. The only other thing that you will need is fine point paint pens and a pen holder.

Wooden Heart Sign-In Frame

This is one of the more popular guest sign-in alternatives that I have seen at many weddings, it is a cute option and can be customized with an engagement photo. Guests sign a wooden heart and insert it into the frame. This one comes with a sign to instruct guests on what to do and a box to hold all of your little heart pieces.

No matter which option you choose, make sure it reflects your personality as a couple and adds a special touch to your big day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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