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11 Expert Wedding Planning Tips

Planning your dream wedding can be an exciting yet challenging endeavor. Here are eleven expert wedding planning tips to help you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding in Acworth, GA with greenery and blue elements

Set a Clear Budget

Before diving into wedding planning, establish a realistic budget. Discuss financial contributions with family members if applicable and determine how much you can spend. Allocate funds to different aspects, such as the venue, catering, attire, décor, and entertainment. Staying within your budget will prevent financial stress down the road.

Prioritize Your Must Haves

Determine your top wedding priorities and your non-negotiable elements. Whether it's the venue, photographer, live band, or a specific floral design. Allocate a larger portion of your budget to these essential elements and be more flexible with less critical aspects. This ensures that your most wanted aspects receive the attention they deserve.

Wedding planning priority list with Starr Lowe Events

Create a Wedding Email Address & Wedding Binder

This is one of my top recommendations for newly engaged couples. Create a wedding email address and use that for the entirety of your wedding planning process. All wedding related emails will be in one place and easy to find. Another great tool is a well-organized wedding binder to keep all your contracts, notes, and to-do lists in one place. This will streamline communication with vendors and help you stay on top of tasks.

Create a Vision Board

Start by envisioning your dream wedding. Collect images, color swatches, and inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, or wedding websites. Creating a visual representation of your ideal wedding will serve as a reference point throughout the planning process, ensuring your choices align with your vision.

Hire Experienced Professionals

Schedule a phone consultation with a Wedding Planner (I know one - it's Me) this will help you decide how much help you will need in the planning process. Once you have chosen your Wedding Planner / Coordinator and the right planning package for you, your planner will be able to share recommendations of reputable vendors who they trust and have worked with in the wedding industry. Read reviews for vendors before signing a contract to ensure you're working with professionals who can execute your vision. Having an amazing vendor team will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly.

Choose the Right Venue

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is paramount. Consider your guest count, desired atmosphere, and the location's convenience. The time of year and location can greatly influence your wedding's style. Be mindful of the weather and accessibility for your guests. Schedule venue tours and visit them in person, make sure to ask questions about their policies, capacity, and included services, this will help you make your decision. You will know when you walk into "Your Perfect Venue" it will just feel right.

Atlanta Wedding Planner Starr Lowe at the Cowan Mill in Acworth GA

Take Time for Self-Care

Wedding planning can be stressful, so it's crucial to take breaks and prioritize your self-care. Spend quality time with your partner away from wedding discussions to maintain a healthy relationship during this busy time.

Engaged couples date night tip with Starr Lowe Events

Create a Detailed Planning Timeline

Create a wedding planning timeline that outlines all the tasks and deadlines leading up to the big day. This includes booking vendors, payment due dates, sending invitations, what to work on each month and finalizing details. A well-structured timeline will help you stay organized and ensure nothing gets overlooked. I offer wedding calendar management to my clients, it has been a huge help for them, if you do not have a planner that offers this, I highly suggest that you create an online Wedding Calendar.

Personalize Your Ceremony and Reception

What I love most about weddings now vs. twenty years ago when I entered the wedding industry is the uniqueness of each wedding. No two weddings are ever the same and I love that! Make your wedding unique by infusing your personalities and love story into the details. This could include personalized vows, a custom wedding cake, personal love letters to read before the ceremony, or thematic decorations that reflect who you are as a couple. The personal touches will make your wedding memorable but the moments that you share on your day will be unforgettable.

Delegate Responsibilities

Don't try to handle everything on your own. Enlist the help of family members, friends, or a wedding planner to share the workload. Delegating tasks ensures that you can enjoy the planning process without feeling overwhelmed.

RSVP Management

Keep track of guest responses by having guests RSVP online via your wedding website. You can add a QR Code to your invites or a link to the RSVP page on your website. For older guests who you know are not tech savvy – you can send a classic RSVP card in their invitations. The online process will help you finalize seating arrangements, meal choices, dietary restrictions, and other logistics seamlessly.

Incorporating these tips into your wedding planning process will help you to achieve the vision that you have for your dream wedding day. Remember that while the planning process can be stressful at times, the end result—a beautiful celebration of your love—will make it all worthwhile. Happy Wedding Planning!

Wedding Planning by Starr Lowe Events

Photos by Christine Quarte Photography



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