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Creating "Remember When" Moments

A "remember when" moment is a memory that is timeless. It's a memory that crosses your mind and you immediately feel every emotion that you felt in that exact moment. It's hearing your best friend say "remember when we..." and you smile because how could you forget.

These Are The Moments That I Want To Help You Create


Let's Plan Your 

Wedding Table Arrangement

 Celebrate  the Moments 
.......that matter the most.......

"Starr was our angel, connecting with us a month before our wedding to pull everything together. Starr made what could have been a tense last month not only bearable, but helped me embrace those last weeks as truly exciting. My only regret--not hiring her from the start. Save yourself time and look no more, you found your Planner!"

Ann B. - Bride




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Photo by: Christine Quarte Photography

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